The Associated Press-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research has combined the worldwide research capacity of NORC at the University of Chicago with the unmatched authority and communications reach of The Associated Press to provide citizens, policymakers, business leaders, and elected officials with the timely, independent, issue-based inquiry and analysis they need to make sound decisions in challenging times.

  • Speed and Relevance: One of the biggest challenges social scientists and the journalists who rely on their research face is keeping up with fast-breaking political, economic and cultural issues. By deploying tools like NORC’s AmeriSpeak Omnibus, a nationally representative, probability-based sample of pre-recruited participants who have agreed to take part in regular surveys, The AP-NORC Center can design a survey, gather and analyze data, and publish reports for distribution through AP’s global media network in as little as two weeks.
  • Data Visualization: One of the greatest benefits of the partnership is the way it marries rigorous data collection and analysis with multimedia production, making The AP-NORC Center uniquely adept at translating complex social science information into clear, concise visualizations, static and interactive infographics, and video.
  • Media Research: Just as important as understanding Americans’ opinions and concerns—as well as those of people around the world—is understanding how those opinions are informed. Since 2014, The AP-NORC Center has collaborated with the American Press Institute on a series of studies that explore how members of different demographic groups consume news and other media.
  • Data Analysis: In addition to conducting scientifically rigorous surveys and producing media-ready reports on emerging issues, The AP-NORC Center also conducts analysis of data from other sources, making those data more accessible to journalists and elected officials, policymakers, and citizens who rely on them.
  • International Opinion: The global reach of The Associated Press and the country-specific subject matter expertise of NORC allow The AP-NORC Center to conduct rapid response surveys and analysis all over the world.


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