AP VoteCast 2024 Presidential Primaries

This AP VoteCast survey covered 2024 presidential primary elections in Iowa, New Hampshire, and South Carolina, concluding as polls closed on Election Day in each state.

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Public perceptions of freedom of expression on university campuses paints a complex picture 

The public holds a complex set of views about freedom of expression on university campuses with most people supporting several restrictions on faculty and student expression on college campuses in the United States.

Young Americans’ Views on the Value of Higher Education

This AP-NORC Center survey of Americans age 13-29 conducted using TrueNorth® explores how young people view the costs and benefits of pursuing higher education and the role their parents play in the process.

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Both the Biden and Trump presidencies are viewed as mostly doing more harm than good across a range of issues

Asked which president did more to help people like them, 35% of adults say Trump did more, 26% say Biden did more, and 30% think…

Few adults like the idea of unilateral action by presidents

Only 21% of adults think it would be a good thing if the next president were able to act on important policies without the approval…

Most say democracy is important for the U.S. identity, but few think it is functioning well

Three-quarters of the public say a democratically elected government is important to the country’s identity, but only 21% think democracy is the greatest system of…

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