Most say Biden should withdraw from the Presidential race

Sixty-five percent of Democrats say President Biden should withdraw and allow his party to select a different nominee. There are growing misgivings about Biden’s mental capability to be an effective president.

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Most within AAPI communities support guaranteed legal access to abortion nationwide

Most AAPI adults won’t vote for a candidate who doesn’t share their view on racism (79%) or abortion (68%), but 54% could vote for a candidate who disagrees on the conflict between Israelis and Palestinians.

Most AAPI Adults Think K-12 Students Should Learn About Slavery, Racism, Segregation, and the History of AAPI Communities

Most AAPI adults oppose individual school boards restricting specific subjects and classroom discussions

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The Biden-Trump debate is seen as important for their campaigns

Most adults say they are likely to follow coverage of the debate, but few are satisfied with either Biden or Trump as the nominees.

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