Outlook for the Country and the Economy is Less Negative

Views of the economy are stabilizing and the public is becoming less pessimistic about the trajectory of the economy and the country overall.

In The News

Economic Consequences of the Coronavirus Outbreak

As a result of the pandemic many are spending less, saving more, and paying down existing debt.

Dissatisfaction with the Federal COVID-19 Response Remains High

Americans say individuals, small businesses, and public schools need more government assistance to withstand the pandemic; large corporations do not.

The Latest

Campaign 2020: The Candidates and Issues

Less than four months before Election Day, there is much interest in the campaign, but considerably less excitement. Political polarization continues to dominate the public’s…

Pandemic Disrupts Demand for Gig Economy Amidst Safety Concerns

The coronavirus has led to sharp declines in the use of ride-hailing services, but there has been little change in the number of people using…

Examining Americans’ Views on Religious Freedom and Its Limits

Majorities support the right to practice any or no religion without government restriction, but many Americans think some groups face threats to these freedoms today.

Seeing the numbers

Based on new UChicago HarrisPolicy/AP-NORC study, 35% of Americans favor regulations to increase wages and benefits for ride-hail and delivery service drivers. 14% oppose such regulations while 48% neither favor nor oppose.