Trust in Government is Low, but Americans are United Around Investments in Technology

Despite generally low trust, Americans are confident that the federal government will play a role in bettering their lives, and support efforts to enhance data security.

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Major Decline in Confidence that the Government is Protecting Voting Rights

Forty-three percent of Americans say the federal government is doing a good job protecting the right to vote and 37% say it is doing a poor job. In 2015, 70% said it was doing a good job.

Majorities support vaccine mandates for some activities amidst delta surge

Although concern about contracting COVID-19 has risen, personal precautions remain largely unchanged.

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Half of workers favor vaccination requirements

Fifty percent of working Americans favor requiring employees working in person at their workplace to be fully vaccinated against COVID-19, and 52% support a requirement…

Support for mask and vaccine mandates in schools

Most Americans support mask mandates and vaccines requirements for eligible students and teachers in K-12 schools, but views are sharply polarized along political lines.

Fewer approve of Biden’s handling of the pandemic

President Biden’s approval ratings have dropped and pessimism about the outlook for the country grows.

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