Public is Relaxing its Pandemic Precautions

As restrictions are being lifted, reconnecting with friends and family, shopping for fun, and going out to eat are at the top of many people's agenda.

In The News

Safety Concerns Remain Main Driver of Vaccine Hesitancy

Sixty percent of those who are not certain about getting vaccinated cite safety concerns.

Widespread Desire for Policing and Criminal Justice Reform

​Most Americans support a number of reforms to prevent police violence and want extensive changes to the criminal justice system, according to the June 2020 AP-NORC Poll.

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Increasing discrimination against Asian Americans a major concern

Sixty percent of Americans say discrimination against Asian Americans is higher now compared with a year ago. Most Asian Americans report feeling unsafe in public…

Biden continues to hold on to high approval ratings

Nearly two-thirds of Americans approve of Biden’s overall job performance and a slim majority say the country is headed in the right direction.

Confidence in COVID-19 Vaccines Rises

As more Americans are being vaccinated, vaccine confidence is increasing. But those who still hesitate about getting vaccinated worry about possible side effects and whether…

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