Both the Biden and Trump presidencies are viewed as mostly doing more harm than good across a range of issues

Asked which president did more to help people like them, 35% of adults say Trump did more, 26% say Biden did more, and 30% think neither was effective in helping people like them.

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Most Americans support legal abortion with some restrictions

A year after Roe v. Wade was overturned, most adults still believe that abortion should be legal and most are in favor of Congress guaranteeing access to legal abortion.

Young Americans’ Views on the Value of Higher Education

This AP-NORC Center survey of Americans age 13-29 conducted using TrueNorth® explores how young people view the costs and benefits of pursuing higher education and the role their parents play in the process.

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Most favor hiring more border patrol agents and immigration judges  

Seventy-nine percent of Republicans and 54% of Democrats favor hiring more border patrol agents. There is much less support for building a wall on the…

Few excited, many angry and fearful about Biden/Trump reelection  

About half of Republicans would be excited if Trump is reelected in November and 4 in 10 Democrats would be excited with another Biden administration.…

Most within AAPI communities support guaranteed legal access to abortion nationwide

Most AAPI adults won’t vote for a candidate who doesn’t share their view on racism (79%) or abortion (68%), but 54% could vote for a…

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