Nine in ten have experienced extreme weather and most blame climate change.

Forty-four percent expect climate change will impact their personal health at some point in their life, and another 13% say it already has.

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Most Americans support legal abortion with some restrictions

A year after Roe v. Wade was overturned, most adults still believe that abortion should be legal and most are in favor of Congress guaranteeing access to legal abortion.

Most oppose banning the consideration of race and ethnicity in college and university admissions

Most adults, regardless of political identification, race, or ethnicity believe the Supreme Court should not prohibit the consideration of race and ethnicity in the admissions process. However, few think race and ethnicity should play a major role in…

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Bipartisan approval for Medicare’s ability to negotiate drug prices

While the public approves of Medicare negotiating to reduce the cost drugs, President Biden doesn’t get much credit with 48% who approve of his handling…

Half the public lacks confidence the Justice Department is handling the Hunter Biden case in a fair and non-partisan way.

Only 19% of the public are extremely or very confident that the Justice Department is handling its investigation of Hunter Biden in a fair and…

Biden’s age is a significant concern for voters

Three-quarters of the public think Joe Biden is too old to serve another term, including 69% of Democrats.

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