AP VoteCast 2024 Presidential Primaries

This AP VoteCast survey covered 2024 presidential primary elections in Iowa, New Hampshire, and South Carolina, concluding as polls closed on Election Day in each state.

May 2024

For the 2024 presidential primary election season, AP VoteCast conducted more than 9,000 interviews with registered voters across 3 states and covering 4 different primary elections. VoteCast delivered data covering the Republican presidential caucus in Iowa, both the Republican and Democratic presidential primaries in New Hampshire, and the Republican presidential primary election South Carolina. Data collection began between seven and four days before each primary and ran through poll close in each state.

The 2024 primary election surveys provided an accurate picture of the election results and highlighted the opinions of voters and nonvoters alike. Because of their confidence in VoteCast, The Associated Press and Fox News used the data to explain who voted, who didn’t vote, what issues they care about, how they feel about the candidates, and why they voted the way they did. AP VoteCast is also a trusted resource that the AP analyzes, along with vote results and other election data, to help declare winners on election nights in contests across the country.

The Associated Press and NORC are committed to transparency of VoteCast’s methods and results, as well as continual improvement of the VoteCast methodology.

For links to all VoteCast election studies, including their public use data files, please click here: https://apnorc.org/projects/ap-votecast-puf

Suggested Citation: AP-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research. (May 2024). “AP VoteCast 2024 Presidential Primaries.” apnorc.org/projects/ap-votecast-2024-presidential-primaries

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