Video Interactive – Long-Term Care: Misconception and Reality

In the next 15 years, America’s senior population is expected to nearly double, greatly increasing demand for basic long-term care services like cooking, bathing, or getting dressed. But many Americans are unsure about how these support services are financed. Keeping the costs manageable will remain a challenge for families and governments in the years ahead. This video interactive combines findings from the 2016 Long-Term Care Poll with a personal story of an aging woman and her caregiver.

Video Interactive – Solving the Person-Centered Care Puzzle (2015)

Recent years have seen an increasing focus on person-centered care, an approach to health care and supportive services that allows individuals to take control of their own care by specifying preferences and outlining goals that will improve their quality of life. There is no single approach to providing person-centered care for individuals receiving long-term care services, meaning that health care providers and government agencies that are working to adapt their practices are doing so in a variety of ways. This interactive uses findings from the 2015 Long-Term Care Poll along with a personal story of the impact person-centered care had for one couple.