AP VoteCast Public Use Files

AP VoteCast is a modern, innovative survey of the American electorate conducted in all 50 states that was designed to tell the story of recent elections. VoteCast debuted for the 2018 midterm elections after years of testing and development, with additional rounds conducted alongside the 2020 Democratic Presidential Primaries, the 2020 General Election, the 2021 Georgia Senate Runoffs & Virginia Gubernatorial Race, and the 2022 General Election. In 2024, it covered the presidential primaries and caucuses and will be covering the presidential election in November.

AP VoteCast
2024 Presidential Primary
2022 General Election
2021 Virginia Governor Election
2020 General Election & 2021 Georgia Senate Runoffs
2020 Democratic Presidential Primary
2018 General Election

The Associated Press and NORC are committed to transparency of VoteCast’s methods and results, as well as the continual improvement of the VoteCast methodology over time.

Expert Contacts

Trevor Tompson

Senior Vice President
Public Affairs and Media Research
(773) 256-6338

David Sterrett

Senior Research Scientist
Public Affairs and Media Research
(312) 357-7031

Jennifer Benz

Deputy Director
Public Affairs and Media Research
(617) 316-3702