​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Education and Younger Generations

The AP-NORC Center has conducted groundbreaking studies that focus on the attitudes and perceptions of parents, teenagers, and Millennials.



Young Americans’ Outlook Ahead of the Midterm Election (2018)
MTV/AP-NORC Youth Political Pulse, September 2018: Young People’s Interest, and Anxieties, over the Midterms Increase as the Election Nears (2018)
MTV/AP-NORC: Young Americans and the Midterm Election (2018)
MTV/AP-NORC May 2018 Youth Political Pulse (2018)
American Attitudes Toward Teacher Pay and Protests (2018)
MTV/AP-NORC Youth Political Pulse, March 2018: Young Americans’ Political Outlook and Perspectives on the Trump Presidency (2018)
Education in the United States: Choice, Control, and Quality (2017)
American Teens are Taking Breaks from Social Media; Some Step Back Deliberately, but Other Breaks are Involuntary (2017)
Instagram and Snapchat are Most Popular Social Networks for Teens; Black Teens are Most Active on Social Media, Messaging Apps (2017)
GenForward February (2017)
American Teens are Politically Engaged but Pessimistic about Country’s Direction (2017)
GenForward December (2016)
GenForward Pre-Election (2016)
GenForward October (2016)
GenForward September (2016)
GenForward August (2016)
GenForward July (2016)
GenForward June (2016)
How Millennials Get News: Paying for Content (2015)
Breaking Down the Millennial Generation: A Typology of Young News Consumers (2015)
How Millennials Use Technology to Get News: Differences by Race and Ethnicity (2015)
How Millennials Get News: Inside the Habits of America’s First Digital Generation (2015)
Teens, Young Adults, and Digital Discrimination (2013)
The Digital Abuse Study: Experiences of Teens and Young Adults (2013)
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