Two Strategies for Donors

The AP-NORC Center works with foundations that, depending on their philanthropic objectives, provide either core support or project support.  

Core support is sought from those who, as part of their organization’s mission, recognize the importance of journalism in a healthy democracy or, more broadly, the importance of ensuring that citizens receive accurate and unbiased information about the important issues of the day.

Project support is sought for special initiatives in which The AP-NORC Center works with individual foundations, or affinity groupings of foundations, on a special project designed to generate new insights on a specific issue or issue area.

This recognizes that many foundations care deeply about specific issues and the importance of those issues in American society. The power of The AP-NORC Center to engage in research and communication on these issues is substantial.

For more information about how to support the work of The AP-NORC Center, please contact us at or call Eric Young at (301) 634-9536.