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The Problem and Impact of Sexual Misconduct (2017)
New Year, Same Priorities: The Public's Agenda for 2018 (2017)
Americans Assess the Progress of the Russia Investigation (2017)
Turkey with a Side of Politics: Talking Politics at Thanksgiving (2017)
Long-Term Care and Work: How Americans Balance Caregiving with Their Jobs (2017)
Finding a Job: Americans’ Experiences with Interviewing (2017)
Americans' Assessments of Their Increasingly Automated Lives (2017)
Who Benefits? Americans’ Evaluations of the New Tax Plan (2017)
Gun Laws, Ownership, and Violence in America (2017)
Beliefs on Climate Change and Severe Weather (2017)
North Korea and the Threat of Nuclear Weapons (2017)
Views on DACA, New Travel Restrictions, and a Border Wall (2017)
Americans’ Evaluations of President Trump (2017)
Stand or Kneel: Americans’ Opinions on Recent Protests by Athletes (2017)
Long-Term Caregiving: The Types of Care Older Americans Provide and the Impact on Work and Family (2017)
Disaster Relief: America’s Response to Recent Hurricanes (2017)
Public Opinion on Energy Policy under the Trump Administration (2017)
Long-Term Care in America: Hispanics’ Cultural Concerns and Difficulties with Care (2017)
Americans' Views on Replacing the ACA (2017)
Partisanship and the Media: How Personal Politics Affect Where People Go, What They Trust, and Whether They Pay (2017)
Views on Power and Influence in Washington (2017)
Long-Term Care at Home: Understanding the Range of In-Home Services Available (2017)
Views on the Paris Climate Agreement (2017)
Views on President Trump’s Executive Order on Travel (2017)
Americans’ Plans for Summer Vacation (2017)
Views on the Russia Investigation (2017)
Views on President Trump's Job Performance (2017)
Long-Term Care in America: Views on Who Should Bear the Responsibilities and Costs of Care (2017)
“My” Media Versus “The” Media: Trust in News Depends on Which News Media You Mean (2017)
The Impact of Intergenerational Wealth on Retirement (2017)